Management Team

For us, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

Looking back to the last 25 years, there is much we have to be proud of as a company – the ability to capitalize on an upward swing in the industry – developing infrastructure, diversifying economic sectors and investments in the past has led us to a great success. Mr. Tarsemlal Gupta had a clear vision of what was required to achieve success and his encouragement to work hard inspired his son Mr. Raman Gupta and his grandson Mr. Anshul Gupta to expand the boundaries of their business.

The achievements of J.R. Steel depends on the total commitment of our people, who represent our most valuable asset. In the beginning, we had a very small workforce but today we employ huge staff, some of whom have been with us right from the start. We are fully committed to staff retention and development - they are essential to instil the drive and determination required to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities that face us today and in the future.