Casting Division

Shell moulding, also known as Shell Mould Casting. It is an expendable mould casting process that uses a resin covered sand to form the mould. As compared to sand casting, this process has better dimensional accuracy, a higher productivity rate, and lower labour requirements. It is used for small to medium parts that require high precision.

Machining Division
Moulding Machines
  • Susha Twin Station Shell Moulding machines-6
  • Automatic PLC control
  • Susha core shooters machines-2
  • Automatic PLC control
  • ELGI air compressor 45Kw * 2
Furnace Facility
  • Plasma Induction furnaces of capacity 250Kw/300Kg.
  • IGBT based technology make it more efficient and power saving
  • Switchable dual crucible furnace
Treatment Facility
  • Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Pit Type Annealing Furnace
  • Swing frame grinder
  • Bench type Belt grinder
  • Bench grinder
  • Pneumatic die grinder
  • Shots blasting machines
  • Overhead crane- 1ton
  • 32 Channel Spectro meter (SA-7/Fourth gen)
  • Hardness tester
  • Sand hardness tester
Engineering Division
Product Development Capacity / Capability
  • Capability to develop new products in a wide array of product families.
  • Products developed in all bands - from a 1kg to 600kg
  • 3D modelling and simulation techniques in foundry ensure first time right castings
  • In house process design, fixture design and tooling selection in machine shop ensures quality component with reduced lead times
  • Detailed documentation and customer interaction to ensure fast developments

We have a Design cell which shapes the castings. It is the first step to providing solutions. Normally we receive drawings and sketches showing the sectional dimensions.


Designers use CAD to make various drawings required for pattern making, machining, finishing and inspection.

Pattern Making

Pattern is a key activity in a Foundry. It takes a significant amount of time to develop an item.There is an in-house pattern shop taking care of pattern maintenance and pattern modifications of special patterns.