Cast Iron (C.I Casting)

J R Casting is a well-known Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier of Duplex Mould in Bhavnagar, India. We manufacture Cast Iron Centre Columns using high quality material & are long lasting.

Casting for Mini Steel Plants
  • Bottom Plates : up to 25 mt. Single
  • Piece Center Column : up to 96”
  • Mould assemblies : all sizes

duplex mould without partingline

Duplex Moulds in various sizes

weight : 600 kg.

Rectangular bottom plate

bottom plate to accommodate upto 72 mould.

Weight : 10 MT

center columns

split center columns and one piece center columns.

weight : 2.9 MT

Castings for Material Handling Equipments

J.R.Casting is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Profiled Counter Weights as per customer requirements for forklift Trucks and Mobile Cranes. J.R.Casting manufacturers Counter Weights upto 25 mt. single piece. The counter weights match the aesthetic and contour of the truck to perfection.

counter weight

counter weight especially designed for diesel forklift mini trucks.

weight : 1.5 MT

counter weight

Large size counter weights, specially made for marine container handelers & sidelift trucks upto 15mt. single piece

weight : 10 mT

counter weight

heavy and large counter weight for wheel loaders.

weight : 10 mT

Castings for Integrated Steel Plants

Ingot Moulds (Large Moulds)

J.R.Casting manufactures large Ingot Moulds upto 25 MT, single piece.

  • Round Ingot Mould
  • Square Ingot Mould
  • Polygon Ingot Mould
  • Hexagonal Ingot Mould
  • Corrugated/Fluted Ingot Mould

Electrode mould

round type ingot mould

weight : 12.0 mT

square mould

square type ingot mould

weight : 5.5 mT

corrugated mould

corrugated type ingot mould

weight : 13 mT

Slag Pots (Grey and SG. Iron)

J.R.Casting is supplying Moulds and Slag Pots of various sizes and capacities to Alloy Steel makers and Ferro Alloysplants in India and overseas. The company manufactures Slag Pots up to 25 mt. in single piece.

  • Elliptical Slag Pot
  • Round Slag Pot
  • Rectangular/Square Slag Pot

elliptical slag pot

elliptical type large slag pot

weight : 18.5 mT

round slag pot

round type large slag pot

weight : 16.0 mT

rectangular slag pot

rectangular type large slag pot

weight : 3.0 mT