Foundry Division


Foundry Division

The foundry division is bifurcated into units considering the customer’s requirement in Cost, Quality, and Delivery. We at J.R. Ispat Pvt. Ltd. manufacture C.I. Casting up to 40000 Kgs Single Piece Casting and S.G. Ductile Iron up to 11000 Kgs single piece casting. We have wholly automated Sand Plants with 40MT/hour to 24 MT/hour capacities with an automated mould handling system for big and large parts and auto punch-out (knockout) system.

One of the most widely used methods in all the metal industries is the Sand Casting Process wherein sand is used as the primary material to mold various metallic products. Casting is used to make metal components of all sizes, ranging from a few ounces to several tons. Sand moulds can be formed to create castings with fine exterior detail, inner cores, and other shapes. Nearly any metal alloy can be sand cast. Hollows are made in moistened sand, filled with molten metal, and left to cool.

Induction Furnaces

  • Total connected capacity of around 6MW with 6 furnaces and Cupola for Duplexing.
  • Ductile Iron treatment done by sandwich method with timely pouring.
  • Pouring done via EOT cranes.