Founder’s Message


At the helm of J.R. Group of Companies is a trio of a strong team of field-proven leaders who bring their expertise from diverse backgrounds to the company and steer it in the right direction. J.R. Group takes pride in being one of the pioneer engineering and ship recycling group by its forward and backward integration. I believe; the harder you work, the more you grow. With industrious spirit, we serve our customers with the true value of their money. We work hard to meet our customer’s needs and challenges and accomplish it with honesty and respect. We have established our business divisions to create the maximum utilization of our available resources and gain the ultimate output.

We have been developing our divisions at an enormous pace and designed it to be quality-oriented from the beginning. In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, the group is continuously striving to offer a one-stop solution to every aspect of the heavy engineering industry. We always work towards having satisfied vendors, happy employees and delighted customers. As a practise we inculcate a culture of fair and honest dealings. We have remarked major changes in our infrastructure, division expansions, and an increase in employee numbers. These changes have proved a positive outcome that we continue to practice and achieve. As I look ahead we promise to remain committed to excellence and assure you of our best services at all times.

- Shri Tarsemlal Ji Jagdishram Ji Gupta