EXIM & Logistics

J.R. Group has always thrived to be self-reliant. Hence, all the Business activities of the Group are closely interrelated with back-n-forth integration to one another. The Group has successfully established its brand name over the past 30 years globally by supplying BIS and ISO certified products for sophisticated end uses in overseas markets.
Being the pioneer manufacturers, we import all types of scrap varying from HMS, HMS- 1, HMS-2, Cast Iron, Super HMS, Over Size Cast Iron, PNS, Blue Steel, Cast Iron Mix HMS, MS Turning, LMS, LMS Bundles, Shredded Scrap, Old and Used/Broken Cast Iron Moulds, Slag Pots etc in different parts of the world like Brazil, USA, Dubai, Australia, West Africa, Europe, UK, Ghana, Poland, South Africa.


Ever ready to meet the exacting demands of its international customers, the group maintains a close liaison with customers as well as production units to cater to the customized requirements, in terms of quality, quantity, and sizes. J.R. GROUP exports Ingot Moulds, Simplex and Duplex, Slag Pots, Counter Weights, and Engineering Castings to countries like South Africa, Austria, Germany, Kenya, USA, UK, and Kenya.
Along the same lines, the Group has established its own Logistics department to facilitate the transportation of products from the Group’s Businesses. For smooth functioning and delivery of material, we have a dedicated team catering to its export enquiries, which also coordinates the logistics, packaging and container stuffing at the premises. We even have Quality Control team which ensures that all the products are up to the mark and 100% of materials are inspected in house, as well as by reputed International Agencies on specific requests by the customer.